Transform Your Life

Confidence Issues

Many people lack confidence or have low self-esteem.  Perhaps you are so caught up in life and doing for others that you have forgotten all about yourself and your own needs. You may feel guilty if you do try to put yourself first and this can make things worse. You might feel trapped and powerless, unable to make changes and stuck feeling worthless. 

You are your own worst enemy and the beliefs you hold about yourself are most likely not all that positive. Instead of loving yourself, you may beat yourself up over silly things and think negative thoughts. Our world today is full of images of other people having fun, looking good and living exciting lives and although we know deep down that this is not real, we take it on board and cannot help but compare ourselves negatively to others. 

If you feel that you aren’t good enough, will never have the confidence to be the person you want to be or that you are held back by limiting beliefs about yourself then I can help you. I believe that everyone has inner confidence and self-worth, but that sometimes these qualities are suppressed due to life experiences. 

Reconnect with yourself and feel empowered through harnessing your latent confidence and embracing the real you.

Hypnotherapy will help you to:

  • realise your worth
  • be able to stand up for yourself
  • connect with who you really are
  • take control of your life
  • be excited about the future
  • have the relationships you choose