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Inter-life/Life between Lives

The Inter-life or Life between Lives technique is a process that uses hypnosis to help you to connect with your soul and other energies in the spiritual dimension to facilitate understanding, healing and awareness.

We are so much more than the physical form which we all inhabit. Each individual person is comprised of energies and experiences of previous lives. As we move through the evolving journey of our souls, there are periods of time in which we return to the spiritual dimension, in energetic form and rest and prepare for the next physical life. To experience Inter-life or Life between Lives therapy, I will guide you into a deeply relaxed state that allows you to fully connect with your unconscious mind or soul, in order to gain insight and understanding of who you really are, whilst bringing about healing and release of trauma and pain.

This lovely, life-changing therapy will remove any fear of death, equip you with knowledge and hope for the journey you are on, and give you a sense of purpose and understanding that will remain with you always. You will find that your psychic abilities and intuition improve and that your mind becomes calmer, clearer and expanded.