Transform Your Life


Everyone experiences a degree of hurt and pain in their life and it is important to cope with traumatic experiences in our own way. However, sometimes we do not deal with what we have experienced effectively and may manifest behaviours or adopt thought patterns that are unhelpful or harmful to us.

We might suppress an emotional hurt and end up with a physical pain, alternatively we push the emotion so far down that it creates blockages and negative patterns of thinking, feeling or doing. Sometimes, the more we try to suppress it, the more intense the hurt or pain becomes and the feeling can gather momentum, causing increasing damage.

Unless we find a way to deal with repressed emotions or painful experiences, then we will carry them around with us always. Sometimes, the trauma will manifest years later and when it does, it may impact on different areas of life, preventing us from moving on or achieving our full potential.

Hypnotherapy can help you to:

  • release emotional pain without distress
  • reprocess the hurt
  • free yourself of unhelpful thoughts
  • make peace with the past 
  • move forward with your life