Transform Your Life

Negative Habits

It is easy to adopt negative habits and behaviours as we go through life. Sometimes these may start off as coping mechanisms and then develop into full blown compulsions or addictions.

Nail biting, twitches, smoking, drinking, substance misuse, overeating, watching too much TV, smart phone addiction, always being late or even negative thinking patterns can be hugely problematic in our daily lives and have detrimental effects, both psycholgically and physically.

If your habit or addiction is ruling your life or you wish you could stop then hypnotherapy can help. I will work with you to find the root cause for your habit or behaviour and empower you to release it and replace it with more helpul behaviours.

Hypnotherapy will help you to:

  • take back control
  • be free of whatever is holding you back
  • finally move forward
  • develop positive behaviours
  • live the life you want