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Depression is a complicated condition that has many contributory factors. It can leave a person feeling hopeless and totally despondent.

Depression may creep up on us gradually or be triggered by a traumatic life event, such as the death of a loved one, a relationship breakdown or a physical illness. Sometimes life just wears us down so much that we feel there is no point in trying anymore, or carrying on at all.

Traditional methods of treating depression are with prescription anti-depressant medication. Such drugs can be helpful however they should not really be looked on as a long-term solution. Unfortunately any such medication simply suppresses the negative feelings and low mood, providing the depression sufferer with a sort of emotional numbness which can be felt as a slightly improved mood. Whilst I do appreciate that anti-depressants can be of help I do not advocate for their prolonged use.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to work wonders for individuals suffering from depression, as it facilitates a reconnection with the true self, provides opportunities to work through symptoms and release the underlying cause for the depression itself. It also offers a platform for the development of new skills and coping strategies, enabling clients to journey back to a state of positive mental health. 

Hypnotherapy will:

– Give you hope for recovery

– Allow you to fully experience what you are feeling

– To find and release the cause of your depression

– Equip you with coping strategies for life

– Help you find your true self so that you can live the life you want