Transform Your Life

Stop Smoking 

Giving up smoking is really tough. You know it is bad for you, you want to quit, but actually doing so seems impossible. Many people succeed in giving up only to go back to it within a few days, weeks or months. 

Smoking may give you a variety of things that you don’t feel you can do without in life; a release, something for you, time out, something to do when you’re nervous and much more. You may really enjoy smoking and it has become a reliable source of stress relief. 

Transform Your Life Smoking Cessation is a one off session that has proven to be highly effective, whether you smoke cigarettes, tobacco, weed or anything else.

Please note that it is very important that you are giving up for yourself and not doing it for someone else, as we will use your commitment and resolve during the session.  

How the therapy works:

– When you make the appointment I will ask you to plan a count down to the last cigarette you will ever smoke. You will need to work out when you will purchase your last packet of cigarettes, tobacco or whatever it is that you smoke and and how long it will take you to smoke it all so that you have your last one on the day you are coming to see me.  You will count down to the last one and must ensure that you savour this, knowing that it is your very last. This exercise will help to condition your mental thought processes, and strengthen your commitment prior to the therapy session. 

– When we meet, I will ask quite a few questions in order to find out what kind of smoker you are. This will help me to tailor the session to your own particular need.

– I will then guide. you through the process of being hypnotised, so that you can experience it and realise how relaxing and enjoyable it is. 

–  I will then use various hypnotherapy techniques to deal with the mental thought processes associated with your smoking habit. 

– The stop smoking session lasts for 90 minutes and the fee is £90. You have the option of a free audio recording to take with you, should there be a time in the future when you feel that you may return to smoking, due to a particularly stressful event or life circumstance, for example.

At the end of the session you will:

  • feel healthy
  • be proud of yourself
  • be a role model for others
  • develop alternative coping strategies
  • be a permanent non-smoker