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Disease and Illness

It can be argued that all disease and illness has an emotional cause. Even ‘minor’ ailments such as colds and coughs can often be attributed to stress or difficult life events.

When we feel happy, we are generally well, when we feel unhappy we tend to have negative physical issues that reflect our emotions. For example, conditions such as back pain and migraine have been linked to stress and anxiety, and broken bones frequently occur when something is ‘broken’ in that persons life.

Of course, sometimes accidents just happen or we just ‘get ill’ but if you were to take some time to reflect on what was happening around that time then you might be suprised.

Hypnotherapy can help you to:

  • relax
  • develop resilience
  • improve your mindset
  • heal emotional difficulties that are impacting negatively on your physical health
  • understand the bigger picture of ill health
  • get to know your body
  • find ways to manage difficult times