Life is tough, there is no doubt, and some of us push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion in an attempt to get everything done. It is almost as if we are afraid to stop. When we do, often we feel so tired that we can’t think or be bothered to feed ourselves good food or do anything that would help to recharge our batteries. We may collapse into bed and sleep a restless sleep and get up and do it all again the next day. Until we crash. You know, sometimes life is just too much, it is so tiring and we can grow weary of it.

I myself have had times in my life when I have just thought to myself ‘do you know, I am done’ – with a person, a situation, or even a habit or behaviour. If you can allow yourself to listen to what your tiredness or your weariness is telling you, beneath the usual tiredness and fatigue, you may find that there are actually things in your life that it is time to move away from.

So – I would like to invite you to give yourself permission to really feel the weariness, let it grow and be present in you, befriend it, honour it, sit with it. Turn your mind inward and notice what comes up, be curious about what is making you feel weary in life and what you can let go of. It’s ok to walk away, to listen to what your heart is telling you and to leave what no longer serves you behind.


Liz xx