As we move through this particularly challenging time together, I would like to offer some thoughts that I hope may be of help to you.

Whilst social isolation is enforced upon us, spending time with yourself can be hugely beneficial so perhaps we can use this time for some space away from the overstimulation and distractions of the outside world.

The Unknown – there is a lot of information right now, statistics, stories and so forth, and it is easy to get overwhelmed and panicked. You will find it helpful for your anxiety not to focus on what is happening daily, rather perhaps turn your attention inwards and use this time as one of inner development, ask.whatever needs your attention and awareness to come to the surface and be with yourself.

The truth is we simply do not know what really lies ahead and the collective fear of the world is in itself contagious. I’d like to invite you to accept the unknown and acknowledge it, and just let it be. It is ok to not know and if we can try to sit with that feeling and allow the feelings associated with it to be then we cease to search desperately for what really isn’t there and instead can focus on feeling more centered in ourselves.

Boundaries – it is important to remember that boundaries are there to keep you in rather than keeping others out. So a safe and healthy boundary keeps us feeling safe and protected, with our power centred, not dispersed. As you now take different steps to manage your boundaries in different ways, through social distancing, perhaps we could view these new, unfamiliar boundaries as acts of love towards each    other, respecting our fellow humans, recognising our vulnerability and keeping us all safe.

We may be contained but we are not contracted, we can grow in containment just like the warriors who focus and hold their attention, translating it to great power and energy in order to achieve incredible results.

For an added boost to your immune system, try the relaxation below.