Working with different parts of ourselves is integral to much of the work I do with clients. We are all aware of the different roles we play in life externally, for example we may be a father, a brother and a son, and we may have different public and private selves. However, we have different parts internally too and very often these parts are in conflict or not receiving the right attention, causing difficulties in our lives. It may be that one part is stronger than the others, or that there are two parts with totally opposite views. It is important to remember that our subconscious always has a positive intent, even if that has become an unhelpful behaviour or way of thinking. For instance, someone with addition problems may have adopted the addiction as a way of coping with a trauma or other life experience many years before, perhaps to protect the person through numbing the pain or avoid confronting the reality of what happened. The subconscious drives the addiction as a coping mechanism that may have brought some relief at the time, but due to the nature of addiction, the habit quickly becomes unhelpful and unwanted, causing distress and deterioration of mental and physical health. It is hard to stop the unhelpful behaviour at a conscious level due to this deep subconscious driving force and so the only way to break free completely is to work with the subconscious and make changes there, through healing the past hurt and pain and releasing the need for the addictive behaviour or unhelpful coping mechanism. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for accessing the subconscious and integrating the different parts of us to bring balance and harmony to ourselves, helping us to feel whole again.