People often say “I’m mentally strong” but what does that even mean? That they can carry on with life no matter what? That they haven’t suffered with a mental health problem? Whilst this may look admirable on the outside, I wonder what is going on inside for these people, and importantly, what is happening beneath the surface, in the unconscious. More often than not, these people have physical issues that they live with. The fact is, any physical problem is linked to the mind and emotions and so I wonder if “mentally strong” people are in fact those among us who are successful at suppressing everything and not acknowledging when they are in fact under pressure. This lack of insight may then manifest in the physical body as illness or disease. Rather than separating the mental from the physical it would be more beneficial to adopt a holistic view of the self, perhaps using mental strength to understand ourselves a little better. Hypnotherapy can be of great help to people suffering from physical issues, through connecting the mind and the body, and working to alleviate symptoms and improve overall health, both mental and physical.