As we move into the next phase of this pandemic it might be helpful to take some time to reflect on how things have been and will be for yourself. Perhaps you or your loved ones are still sheilding or have been affected by loss or illness.

I would like to invite you to feel your way through the next few weeks, taking time to adjust in whatever way feels right for you.

Honour your feelings

It is important to acknowledge how you are feeling and accept your emotions as they are. You might find as you do this, they begin to change in some way, perhaps developing into a different emotion or varying in intensity. Just allow them to be and give yourself space to feel them, as best you can.

Do what is right for you

With so much conflicting advice between countries and people, make sure that you are finding the best way for YOU. Friends and family can do as they wish but you shouldn’t feel pressured into doing anything that you are not comfortable with, no matter what the advice or guidance may be. Check in with yourself and be true to your instinct, doing only what you feel comfortable and able to do.

Take your time

Adjusting to change can take time and there really is no rush. Be prepared for your emotions to fluctuate and don’t worry if some days you feel differently to others – this is perfectly fine. You might like to try taking your time with everyday activities too; focusing your attention fully on the task in hand, in a mindful way. This not only allows us to complete tasks well and to the best of our ability but also allows us to relax the mind slightly, giving it some time out from overthinking or being critical of us.

Be kind to yourself

This can be the hardest thing of all and yet so simple. See if you can show yourself the kindness and compassion you show and feel for others. Do something nice for yourself everyday, no matter how small.

Stay safe and well everyone xxx