So many people I talk to have tried diet after diet along with different exercise regimes, with no lasting effect. In fact, research shows that only a fifth of obese adults actually succeed in keeping the weight off for more than a year (NHS, 2015). This is both demoralising and costly, financially, physically and psychologically.

There is evidence to show that emotions play a key role in obesity and often there is an underlying problem that isn’t addressed with a diet plan or programme. It could be that you eat in response to a stimulus, such as boredom, anger, frustration, happiness or fear and comfort-eating is a common term. Your unconscious mind is a major driver for your behaviour and unless the root cause of your issue is addressed, then no lasting changes can be made.

Our Weight Change Paradigm™ is an intensive programme that will allow you to breakthrough all of the barriers that prevent you from not only losing weight but also sustaining the weight you desire to be, whilst helping you make positive changes in many other areas too. Isn’t it time you stopped throwing money away on different diets and sorted things out once and for all?

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