Past Life Regression Therapy is a branch of Hypnotherapy that is often viewed as a bit whacky and weird. However, it is a fascinating field which has been proven to be highly effective at helping clients to overcome a wide range of problems. It allows access to memories that are usually hidden in the subconscious mind and working with these facilitates the release of stored hurt or pain, resulting in subsequent healing in the current life.

There is no need for a client to have a particular belief system as the therapy works for everyone, all that is needed is an open mind. The process is very much like a meditation, with the therapist guiding the client through time to find significant events or answer specific questions.  Each journey is an adventure and each client has a unique experience.

Why you might chose Past Life Regression Therapy:

  • to release long standing issues that have not been helped by the traditional talking therapies
  • to understand why you are drawn to a particular person, place or career
  • out of curiosity
  • to better understand your relationships
  • to figure out who you really are
  • to learn about your soul mate or soul group