Hi Everyone,

You know, I think that sleep really is the best medicine. Many of my clients come to me with issues not sleep related and yet, after a few sessions they report sleeping better. I offer all my clients an audio recording to listen to at bedtime, which facilitates the progression of our work together and reminds the unconscious of the process of therapy. However very few of these recordings focus on sleeping better, mostly they are to do with the specific therapy that we are engaged in. There is significant research on the benefits of sleep, which is actually essential to our wellbeing. Yet, many of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep, or are disturbed by unwelcome dreams or feelings of restlessness. It can be hard to relax the mind, especially in this day and age, when there is so much stimulation. My audio recordings all begin with a progressive relaxation, as we need to relax the body in order to then relax the mind, and all are followed by a deepening of this relaxation – a basic counting down from 10 to zero. Then each recording will be specific to the client and what they are working on. Yet all report sleeping better. This leads me to surmise that actually, progressive relaxation and deepening are conducive to mental relaxation and thus to a good night’s sleep. So if you are struggling with sleep issues, download this free audio and I would love to hear your feedback, if it has helped you, or not, so that I can work to ¬†really help everyone to sleep a little easier and have a peaceful, deep and refreshing sleep.

Thanks for reading.

Liz x